At Independence Financial Group, we will help you understand the financial concepts behind investing, insurance, retirement, estate planning, and wealth preservation.  In addition to the educational opportunities, we are committed to assisting our clients with the ability to stay in touch, and keep track of their financial matters. Our dedicated staff desires to deliver high quality service out of a commitment to integrity and honesty.


Our clients receive the following:

  1. Financial Road Map which includes a conversation about values (what is important about money to the client) and the client’s specific goals.
  2. Thorough review of current financial situation.
  3. Development of comprehensive written financial plan, including cash flow, net worth, education, accumulation, insurance, retirement, and estate planning.
  4. Specific recommendations and action items specific to the client’s plan.
  5. Implementation assistance around the recommendations.
  6. Assistance in connecting to a tax professional or coordination with current advisor.
  7. Assistance in connecting to a legal professional or coordination with current advisor.
  8. Coordination of plan with changes that may be made due to a change in estate plan, retirement plan, or other key event.
  9. Connection to our toll free phone number, best in class service team, emails, newsletter, and ongoing service needs.
  10. Establishment of our online investment tracking program for the client to use in tracking their various investments.
  11. Schedule for subsequent reviews of, at least, annually to review and update the plan.
  12. Tracking of progress against goals completed at annual review.


For more information regarding our financial planning services, please contact us or view our Important Questions page.